Senior High Youth Group

IMG 0094Senior High youth group is for all 9-12th grade youth. We meet on a weekly basis (generally Sundays from 5-7 pm) and work on developing relationships with God and each other. We incorporate fellowship, service, Bible study, leadership training and group building to help youth feel connected to their peers and the congregation. It also reminds them they are an important part of our faith community. Friends are always welcome to join us!

Upcoming Activities:

June 1: Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun
June 4: Relating to the World Around Us, Part 3 with Pastor Justin; 6-8 pm
June 4-5: Lock-In; 8 pm-8 am
June 24-30: AWOL Mission Trip to Rehoboth, NM
July 21-22: Senior High Camping Trip; 5 pm-9 am
July 23: Mission Trip Celebration; 9 am
July 30: Tanking on the Elkhorn; 11 am-5 pm

2017 Mission Trip Destination: Rehoboth, New Mexico

Ten youth and five adults will be traveling to Rehoboth, NM, June 24-30, for their annual summer mission trip. Throughout the week they will participate in service projects during the day and enjoy cultural activities in the evening. The area surrounding Rehoboth is rich with beauty of Native American cultures. Each night we will experience the Navajo and Zuni cultures through art, dance, music, weaving, storytelling and cuisine. We will also have the opportunity to hike and explore the beauty of the red rocks. Service projects will include work at the Rehoboth school, volunteering for agencies dealing with area homelessness and hunger and helping lead a summer youth program. 

You are invited to serve as a prayer partner to one of them during their faith-filled week. As a prayer partner, you will be matched with one of the trip attendees and asked to keep them in your prayers before, during and after the trip. To make it a true partnership, you will also be asked to share your own prayer requests so your partner can keep you in their prayers as well! All trip participants and their prayer partners will be asked to attend a pot-luck dinner on Wednesday, June 21, from 6-8 pm, to share prayer concerns and get to know each other better. Further details will be shared once you have signed up. If you are interested in serving as a prayer partner, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .