What to Expect

The first visit to any new community means encountering the new, the different or the unexpected. Whether you are a lifelong Lutheran or have never set foot in a Lutheran church before, we want you to be comfortable.

In Worship

Lutherans are a "liturgical" bunch. This means our worship has the same general outline used by Christians since the earliest days of the Church. While there are variations each week, the general order is the same: we gather (sing and pray together), hear the Word (Scripture readings and sermon), come to the Table (to receive Holy Communion), and are sent (blessed to go into the world as disciples). "Liturgy" means, "the work of the people." There are no spectators in worship - all are participants.

Music is essential to worship (hymns, parts of the liturgy, special music sung or played by individuals/groups), but you don't have to be a musician to join in. Our postures - standing, sitting, kneeling, turning, walking - reflect the action going on in worship at the moment. Our worship space is filled with visual symbols of the faith - banners, robes, candles, and crosses.

All are welcome to share in Communion. We celebrate Communion at the altar rail as a family of believers. Grape juice and wine is available, along with bread or a wafer that is free of gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, egg, soy, nuts and corn

The entire order of worship is laid out in the worship folder and is easy to follow. Expect to be greeted during the "passing of the peace", in the middle of the service, and don't be afraid to ask the ushers (or anyone else) for information or assistance.

Fellowship and Learning Hour

Some have joked that coffee is a sacrament in the Lutheran church. In truth, we are less interested in the coffee than in the conversation that develops when people share refreshments. Stop in the Activity Center or the Commons area outside the worship space to grab a snack and strike up a conversation from 9:15-10:45 am.

There are also learning opportunities available between services every Sunday. Check out the yellow bulletin insert or the TV monitors for more information. Stop by the Information Desk in the Commons if you have questions or need help getting connected. 

First Lutheran is a place where all are welcome and grace is the guiding principle. We are drawn by Christ's love and strive to share it with others. We invite and encourage you to be our guest. We look forward to meeting you!