New Logo and Brand for First LutheranFLC-symbol-standard

On Sunday, March 26, a new logo for First Lutheran was revealed! It is full of interesting symbolism and tells the story of who we are as a faith community. In the coming weeks and months, we will be unwrapping the many layers of the logo and offering a deeper understanding of it. There will be many opportunities to learn more about the logo.

Pastor Justin and Priscilla Hayden-Roy led a presentation about the new logo at a recent Adult Forum session. Their presentation revealed the many symbols within the logo and their importance and meaning to us at First Lutheran. You can watch their presentation online at your own convenience.

We are also featuring a monthly FAQ about our logo and new branding in The Voice and on this website page. Here are the FAQs featured so far:

FAQ #1: "What does our new logo say about us?"

Our new logo says that we are a community of faith anchored in God's love for us and all people through Christ and his crucifixion on the cross. We are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We are embraced by the triune God's promise of salvation by grace. We are grounded in the holy scriptures and inspired by Lutheran teachings. We are equipped through worship, learning and serving to grow continually in our discipleship and care for our neighbor. We are always made new through the gifts of faith, hope, and love as we give glory to God.

FAQ #2: "What have been some purposes of images/symbols/logos throughout church history?"

Images, symbols and logos have been used since the early church to help believers identify each other in a multi-religious setting, to secretly mark graves when it was illegal to be a Christian, and to be drawn into meditation, communing with the divine. In the medieval church, stained glass windows and painted murals (frescoes) were used to teach the faith, key bible stories and people who may not be able to read. Thus, an image or symbol or logo transforms into being a thing of beauty and adornment and a teaching tool that tells a story by itself.

You will also begin to see the logo and brand look in communication pieces, materials, social media and eventually, our website. It will roll out over time. In the meantime, stay alert and keep your eyes open. You might begin to see the logo everywhere you look! It's a reminder of who we are as a people of God at First Lutheran Church. Praise be to God!

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