Buy a Tree or Two for Tanzania!

treesEven if you have never visited Tanzania, you have seen pictures of Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. It is a mountain of great beauty, and its waters directly support the lives of many thousands of people who live on the slopes and the lands nearby. It is a mountain in crisis. In the last 100 years the glaciers of Kilimanjaro have shrunk by 92%. At the current rate of snow loss, it is predicted that the snowcap could be gone completely as soon as 2020. As the glacier melts on top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Rev. Dr. Frederick Shoo, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, ELCT, is leading an effort to plant more than a million trees to try to head off environmental disaster. Bishop Shoo (pronounced "show") has asked the good people of the Nebraska ELCA Synod to help by providing financial support. The trees start out in Diocese built nurseries. When they are big enough, the trees will be transplanted by confirmation students and ELCT congregation members. Take a moment to watch an online video, produced by PBS, to learn more about the Trees for Tanzania project!

The Creation Care Team at First Lutheran heard the call and is asking for your help in providing a gift of 5000 trees from First. A dollar will buy 2 trees! Your gift of $10 will provide the gift of 20 trees, $20 means 40 trees and your gift of $100 will purchase 200 trees. The campaign was kicked off at First Lutheran's Earth Day Celebration on April 23, 2017. Here are ways for you to give:

  • Give anytime through the offering (Please note your gift is for "tree project").
  • Give a donation anytime during the year as a gift for a birthday, anniversary or other important milestone and celebration!

Download and share a flier about the project with your friend and family. Invite them to buy a tree or two with you!