Be On the Lookout for Kairos Time in Your Life

Have you ever thought about what time means? Did you know there are different kinds of time? Most of us think of “chronos” time when we talk about daily schedules, calendars and appointments. Chronos time is keeping track of time, measuring it, noting the seconds, minutes and hours; whether in anticipation or in dread.

Kairos time, however, is time that seems to stand still: important moments that we share with our loved ones such as births, weddings, or perhaps alone at awe-inspiring views of nature. Kairos time isn’t concerned with productivity; it is open-ended, without goals or intentions. Kairos time is creative time—exploring and experiencing life without looking at a watch, calendar, and without distractions. Kairos time is paying attention to, and savoring the moment. That.Is.Right.Now!

As the year 2021 begins, be on the lookout for Kairos time in your life. Notice what moments in life you enjoy so immensely that it makes you lose track of time: Talking with a loved one? Exploring your favorite craft? Hiking on a trail? Dancing? Praying? Engage in more Kairos time events in 2021 and let your heart be opened to new experiences. Better yet, plan for open-ended Kairos time regularly and release the desire to fill up all of your minutes each day.

Happy New Year!

Kathleen Simley

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