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Houses for Health in Tanzania

By November 25, 2017Global, News, Serve

For the very poor of Tanzania, poverty leads to bad health and bad health leads to poverty…a vicious downward spiral. This is particularly true of those with HIV-AIDS. Some of the poorest people are living in such substandard housing (even by African standards) that their health and even life is further threatened. It is not easy to survive and live with AIDS, tuberculosis orthopedic issues, mental health problems and more if you are wet, cold, living and sleeping in the mud and dust.

To address this need, the Houses for Health program was started as a partnership between the Nebraska Synod ELCA and CHI Health/Immanuel. Initiated in 2007, the program’s mission is to build very basic, but dry and functional, homes for specifically targeted individuals. Typically, they are the very poor with severe health problems that are further threatened by their seriously substandard living situation.

Since 2007, more than 125 homes have been completed! The need is great, however, and there are more homes needing to be built. 100% local labor and materials are used. 100% of your contribution goes to building a home – there is ZERO administrative overhead. The cost for house is $4,000. You can learn more at

Consider making a donation to the Houses for Health program as a gift in your name or another loved one. Know that when you do, you are making a BIG difference in the lives of others.


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