50 Shoe Pieces Ready to be Sent to Uganda

By May 9, 2020May 16th, 2020Hunger & Clothing, News, Serve
Some of our middle school youth and families have been working on the jeans project for Sole Hope. They intended on finishing this project during Sunday morning learning hour, but needed to find another way due to COVID-19 closing the church. Several families volunteered to cut the jean pieces out at home so supplies were dropped off. The shoe pieces were cut from the jeans. Enough shoe pieces were cut for 50 shoes and will now be shipped to Uganda.
In Uganda, jiggers keep kids from going to school, running and playing. They prevent people from walking and working. People with jiggers often become outcasts. This small parasite negatively impacts every aspect of a person’s life. Closed shoes help prevent jigger infestation for people that wear them.

Sole Hope employees about 25 full time Ugandan men and women to handcraft shoes! They are currently making about 20,000 pairs of shoes per year.

Learn more about hosting your own Shoe Party

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