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Anna Expresses Her Gratitude

By November 26, 2019Care Ministry, News, Serve

After 25 years of separation from her children and grandchildren because of the civil war in Liberia, First Lutheran member, Anna Furkay, is finally reunited with her children and grandchildren in Lincoln.

It’s been quite a process. Anna arrived in America almost 15 years ago. Anna’s daughter, Angeline, arrived nearly 8 years ago with baby Benedict on the way. Her husband, Benedict Sr., finally joined her and their son on November 4.

Anna’s son, Jones, arrived in Lincoln a few months after Angeline did. His bride, Youmondeh, joined him two years ago. Their son, J.J., is 11 months old.

Anna’s son, Julius, came five years ago. And, now, after wading through the application process for three years, daughter, Victoria Wleh and sons, Prince, age 11, Patrick, age 10, Kortu, age 8, and Joshua, age 2, flew into Lincoln to join the family on November 5.

America is a land of immigrants. It is a land of opportunity. America has been blessed by the addition of all these new friends. First Lutheran Church has been blessed by Anna and her children and walking with them in their journey to a new way of life.

Thank you for everyone’s support of this family. Thank you for your prayers and financial contributions along the way. Thank you for the way you have truly partnered with this family.

We are grateful that God has brought us all together in this place. Anna is grateful, too. She expressed her gratitude in song after worship last Sunday. Take a moment and listen to her song of praise and thankfulness to you and to God. Praise be to God!

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