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Exciting News About Our Welcoming Refugees Project

There’s exciting news about First Lutheran’s Welcoming Refugees project: Lutheran Family Services (LFS) has matched us with a family of six. The parents in the family are ages 27 and 23. They have two daughters age 5 years and almost 10 months, as well as a nephew age 9 and a niece age 7. They have already arrived in Lincoln and are staying in an Airbnb until their housing arrangements are complete. During these early days of adjustment, LFS is providing orientation and support to them

We look forward to meeting the family and are hopeful they will be able to work with us as we set up their new home to make it a cozy and comfortable place where they can feel safe and welcome. It is due to the generosity of the congregation that we will be able to begin furnishing their new home and stocking the pantry as soon as we receive a key from LFS. Through donations of everything from cleaning supplies and cookware to couches and cash, the people of First Lutheran Church have again proven that our Welcome Statement is not just words on a wall, but is a heart-held value we translate into action.

As we begin our accompaniment journey with this family, we will be supporting them in many ways. We will learn their clothing sizes, language skills, and employment dreams. The resettlement has just begun. Thank you for all you have already done. To God be the glory.

God of Refuge, we lift our prayers for families whose bittersweet journey from Afghanistan brings them to new beginnings in Lincoln, Nebraska. Quiet their hearts. Calm their fears. Guide this congregation, as we welcome and accompany our family of six in the weeks and months ahead, that we may be signs of your gracious love. Amen.

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