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First Lutheran’s Generosity Makes a Difference in the Community

Thank you for your generous gift of $2000. We are extremely grateful for your generosity, especially during these unprecendented and difficult times. We appreciate that you care enough to support our mission and hlep give second chances to the reentrants we serve! Our current and future success of providing second chances is accomplished by the continued generosity of supporters. In the coming year, Bridges of Hope plans to develop new programs that will be beneficial to reentrants we serve, the facilities they are incarcerated in, local businesses and the community in general. We will keep you updated on our progress! We would not be able to do the work that we do without your assistance. Thank you again for supporting Bridges of Hope!


Rhonda Mattingly, Executive Director



Thank you for the generous donation of $2500 to Fresh Start. Your support helps us continue to serve women experiencing homelessness in our community and fulfill our mission. Thank you!

Regina Flowers, Board Member


Thank you for being a sponsor of the 2022 Lincoln/Lancaster County CROP Hunger Walk. Your church’s name on the back of the shirt displays the character of your church to be kind, walk humbly and do justice. The walkers wear these tshirts with pride knowing their efforts are helping people in Lincoln, Lancaster County and around the world.

With appreciation,

Hunger CROP Walk Planning Team


Thank you for your gifts to the Lutheran Center’s (LC) Intern Fund. Your generosity helps make possible the LC’s ability to support, equip, train and welcome seminary interns during their formation to become pastors. Thank you for helping raise up leaders for Christ’s church.

Vicar Emma and the LC staff and students


Thank you for your gifts of $2124.15 and $1750.00 to the Food Bank of Lincoln’s Child Hunger Programs. We are grateful. As rising food prices continue to stretch already tight budgets, your support will help put food into children’s backpacks and neighbor’s cupboards. Thank you for helping provide hope and a bit of relief for the estimated 1 in 6 kids who are facing hunger in Southeast Nebraska. Friends, like you, help make this possible. We are grateful for your kindness and support and promist to put your gifts to good use.

Michelle, Kumke, President & CEO

Alynn Sampson, Vice President of Operations & Impact

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