Food and Money Still Needed for Lutheran Food Pantry

Would you believe we have gathered 11,180 pounds of food for the Lutheran Food Pantry in nine weeks? This is an average of over 1,240 per week! Thank you so much for your generosity!

The Lutheran Food Pantry was recently asked when they thought they would be able to purchase food from the Food Bank again and this is the reply . . . “I am sorry to say it’s not going to be soon. The Lutheran Food Pantry is NOT one of the ‘Agency Partners’ that can shop from the Food Bank, so we‘re on our own until the Food Bank can totally reopen. They weren’t able to give us a date when this might happen. The shelves look really good right now and First Lutheran’s generosity is a huge part of this. We are hoping to continue packing for the People’s City Mission, Matt Talbot and the Good Neighbor Center with the help from our volunteers, the donations we receive and the food we purchase with funds available.” (They have also started packing food for Fresh Start.)

Now that the church building is open during the week and people can drop off food Tuesday through Friday, we will be changing how we work on Saturdays in July. We will still have people present on Saturdays (except this Saturday, July 4) to process the food that comes in during the week and will still accept food from people who come from 2:00-4:00 pm, but we won’t be doing it “tailgate style”. The monetary donations have slowed down, but the need continues, so please also consider helping in this way.

You can view the updated list of food needs at…/updated-food-list-for-lincoln-luth….

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