Four Ways to Respond to the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

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At the end of Sunday´s Adult Forum on Pastor Justin and Kari´s border immersion experience, they briefly mentioned some ways you can respond to the humanitarian crisis at the border:

1. Pray. Pray for families facing the realities and challenges of immigration. Pray for elected representatives to come together and pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Pray for those who work along the border, that they will see the humanity of folks fleeing to them. Pray for churches and organizations who accompany individuals and families through their journey. Pray for God´s will of compassion and mercy to continue working in and through you so that you may be a light for others.

2. Keep learning. Pay attention and learn about what´s going on. Visit the border yourself and find stories of your own to share. Talk with your friends, neighbors, and family and share the message that you care.

3. Political action. Elected representatives from all parties have visited the border. They know what is going on. What they may not know is that you care. Tell them you care. Visit them, call them, email them, attend local town halls.

4. Donate. Support on-going humanitarian efforts and organizations who help migrant families at the border by donating your time or money. If you´re interested in connecting with folks helping at the border, we can connect you with Amazon Prime lists, doctors, and pro bono lawyers who shared specific requests and needs.


Download the Guide to Asylum at the Border

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