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Making a Kid’s Weekend Happier and Healthier

by Harold Sutter

There are lots of ways to volunteer our time. So why the BackPack Program? My wife, Gay, and myself, were initially asked if we could fill in as volunteers to help. Not knowing exactly what we were to do, we found the job to be quite simple. But, it wasn’t until the kids came in at the end of the school day to pick up their backpack did we get a deeper understanding about the program. Without these backpacks some of the kids would not have much to eat until lunch at school on Monday. Watching their faces brighten when picking up their backpack was truly heartwarming.

This 30-minute commitment a few times during the school year helps make some kid’s weekend healthier and happier. In our sheltered lives it is hard to grasp this need in an affluent society like ours. The need is there, it is real and the help much wanted and needed. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of supplying that help.

Join the BackPack Volunteer Team at First Lutheran! Sign up online for a Friday!  You can also support First Lutheran’s BackPack Program ministry by coming to the Waffleman Fundraiser on February 13 from 5-7 pm. Learn more in our

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