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Seven Young Men to Affirm Their Baptism Sunday

Affirmation of Baptism is a special rite in our church to celebrate and affirm the on-going work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of disciples that began in their baptism. In baptism, we are known and claimed by God as beloved children. We are surrounded with prayers, promises and a community to help us grow in faith as our disciple identity develops. For young people, Affirmation of Baptism, also known as Confirmation, follows a period of time of preparation – studying and discussing the Scriptures and the foundations of the Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective, praying and developing relationships with one another.

Seven young men will affirm their baptism during Sunday’s 10:45 am worship service as they transition into the next stage of their lifelong learning. From that day forward, they take responsibility, with the help of God, for their continued discipleship and faith formation. We are grateful for the teachers, mentors, families and friends who have walked with them to this point. Now, we thank God for this special opportunity to affirm our congregational support and accompany them on this next leg of their faith journey.

Join us in worship on Sunday at 10:45 am. There’s a seat waiting for you.


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