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Toy and Clothing Drive for Refugee Families

Now that our three Afghan families are settled with the necessities (because of your generous donations!), we are kicking off a drive for specific items that are culturally, age, and size appropriate. These include clean, gently-used toys and winter clothing and fabric and sewing notions from your stash.

  • Please review the list below to see what is needed, particularly because we have plenty of some items and few of others (for example, they have winter coats, but need hoodies; they have sneakers, but need boots).
  • Please note sizing, such as for the adults who only need small and medium sizes (no larges or extra larges).
  • We recommend donating used items because we plan to donate any extra items to local charities.

Please bring the items to church no later than Sunday, December 12, placing the items by the Welcoming Refugees table in the Gathering Area.  Some members of the refugee committee will then sort the items and host a small, private gathering for the extended family to pick out toys, winter clothing and fabric. Please contact Trish Flury or Bettina Roundey if you have any questions.


For infant girl (4 weeks old) and toddler girls (10 months, 20 months):  Gently used and clean infant and toddler toys that DO NOT require batteries, such as wooden knob puzzles, shape-sorting toys, board books with photos or simple illustrations.

For girls (ages 5 and 7) and boys (ages 9 and 11):  Gently used and clean age-appropriate toys, such as simple picture books or early readers, sticker books, jigsaw puzzles, wooden blocks or other building sets, and picture dictionaries.

For teen boys (ages 14, 17, and 19):  Easy to figure out games, such as Jenga, checkers, Rubik’s cube, and Uno.  Soccer balls and other sports balls for tossing or casual games.  Art supplies and jigsaw puzzles.  Please note that electronics are prized, but often have ongoing costs for batteries.

Winter clothing:  Prefer solid colors that are muted, dark, or neutral.  Avoid clothing printed with slogans and sports teams.

For infants, toddlers, girls, and boys:  Loose-fitting pants and long-sleeve tops (including sweaters and sweatshirts).  Diapers for infants and toddlers.

  • Children’s boots/winter footwear sizes Girls 6T through 4 and Boys 3 through 6.5

For teen boys:  Pants (jeans, khakis, cargo pants) for slender-build teens.  Small-and medium-size long-sleeve shirts (including sweatshirts and sweaters).

  • Teen boy boots/winter footwear sizes 7 through 10

For women:  Modestly-cut small-and medium-sized long-sleeve tunic-style tops, long (floor length) skirts, loose-fitting slacks, leggings, long-sleeve cardigans or sweaters.

  • Boots or winter footwear sizes 6.5 through 9

For men:  Pants (slender-sized khakis and jeans for men ranging from 5’6″ to 5’11.”  Small and medium-sized long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters.

  • Boots/winter footwear sizes 7 through 10

Fabric:  At least two yards (or more!) of fabric that could be used to make a long, loose-fitting long tunic style dresses, scarves, children’s clothing, or even window coverings, if they choose.   Sewing boxes and notions of all kinds (such as pins, pin cushions, needles thimbles, assorted colors of thread, fabric scissors, etc.)

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