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By August 14, 2018August 22nd, 2018Worship and Pray

It’s that time of year again. Yellow buses are back on the streets, stores brim with school supplies and teachers adorn their rooms with inviting bulletin boards and welcoming smiles. Summer break has ended and a new school year is beginning.

As we send our kids back to school, conflicting emotions wrestle within us. New fears jostle with new hopes. We’re happy to send our children back to the classroom and sad to see them go. We delight in their excitement and worry with them over the unknown.

Find peace in knowing that through this transition God is with your child. Put your trust in him to watch over them as they go back to school. As much as you love your child, God loves them even more.

Have a great school year!

Thank you for the unique gifts of every child as they transition into a new school year. Fill each student with fresh enthusiasm and a heart that is excited to learn and grow. Cover them with your enduring love, give them confidence and grace and equip them with the ability to persevere through trials. Bless their teachers with wisdom, understanding and a heart to serve. Give parents peace and reassurance as they experience conflicting feelings during this transitional time. Be with all of them as they embark on this journey together.

Kathleen Simley

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