Tuesday’s Faith Thought…Weathering the Storms of Life

By September 10, 2019News, Worship and Pray

The Lord will bless and protect you. ~ Numbers 6:24

Do you see the storm clouds on the horizon of your life? Are you currently in a storm in your life?

Have you found yourself shaking your head, throwing up your hands and the only prayer you can find to say is, “Help, Lord!”

Like powerful winds that can shake your house, you can feel uneasy and begin to tire just from the anxiety of the unknown.
Where is the peace and rest? It is in the arms of God. He is your refuge, your shelter, the only secure and safe place. He is the bright ray of sunshine in any storm that comes your way.

Think of the enemy as the storm and you are a ship out at sea in the whirlwind of the storm. You are being tossed by the waves, which represent anything that is thrown at you to bring you turmoil. You see a light ahead from the lighthouse to guide you to safety. You begin to sense the calm inside of you. The fear leaves, and you have the needed hope to weather this storm and reach your destination. There is no other way to safety. You can’t fight the storms of life without the help of the Lord. He is your lighthouse. He shows you the way.

Don’t let any kind of storm rock your boat. Call on God for strength and support. Remind yourself that he is the Captain of your ship.

Reflect: When the storms of life hit, what is your first reaction? Can you look back on previous storms in your life and accept that God ordained the storm and was in control of it? How will the realization that God is there for you impact your fear?

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