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Who is First Lutheran Church? What Do We Claim as Our Identity?

By July 10, 2024News

Who is First Lutheran Church? What do we claim as our identity?

For the past seven months, our Vitality Initiative team has been exploring these profound questions as part of an 18-month journey of discovery, learning, listening, and discernment.

Our team is delving into:

  • Who are we? Discovering our congregational identity.
  • Who are our neighbors? Understanding our community and context.
  • What is God inviting? Embracing God’s call to explore, follow, experiment, and serve.

The team has already tackled the first question, “Who are we?” Check out their response in the video!

Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:45 am (no Saturday worship or 8:15 am Sunday worship) to learn more about our Vitality Initiative when Deacon Sunni Richardson of the Nebraska Synod, and our VI Coach, is our guest preacher. Discover what our team is learning about our congregation’s vocation and envisioning for our future!

Join us for a potluck lunch and Town Hall meeting at noon! Learn more about our Vitality Initiative and other important congregational issues. Don’t miss out!

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