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Winter Invitation

by Carol Olson

Winter can be a time of the doldrums, a time to feel the chilly wind and watch the snow cover the ground; a time to daydream of summer’s long, sun-filled days. Wintertime is also an invitation to think about our lives differently than the rest of the year. The Advent hymn, People Look East, has a verse that speaks of this. We are invited to rejoice with the furrow, the tilled, rich garden soil that has rows of seeds buried within. A seed, we know, does much of its’ work without anyone watching. It is covered by soil, leaves and snow. Somehow, the seed receives what it needs, to eventually feel the warmth of spring temperatures, to break open, to sprout and to grow. We are also given what we need; the Divine provides for us abundantly, even if we don’t always notice it. This winter, I invite you to help prepare the rich soil that is needed for your seed-life to grow: noticing how the Divine works in your life; cherishing these examples and savoring them. Spend time in reflection and prayer and be in constant dialogue with the One who lives within you. Be patient with this quiet and darker season, adjust your vision to small nuances, rest frequently and savor this slower time of winter living. Soon, we will all enjoy the fragrance of the rose of Love (The Divine). May you notice and enjoy many blessings in 2022!

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