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Another Season of Secret Elfing Warms the Hearts of Members

The First Lutheran Secret Elves were hard at work this holiday season warming the hearts of members…
“Dear Church Elves – What a delight to be elfed! I’ll smile from ear to ear all season. Thank you for all you do!”
“Thank you, Church Elves, for thinking of me at Christmas. It was such a kind gesture.”
“Thank you so much for the nice gift. It was quite the surprise and really made my day.”
“I want to thank those who came and elfed me. What a wonderful surprise!”
“A big thank you to the First Lutheran Elves!! What a fun surprise!”
“I don’t know who elfed me but I was really surprised and enjoyed everything in the gift bag. It was very thoughtful to put together so many goodies, and fuzzy socks besides! I’ve been kind of “grouched” this morning for no particular reason so it reminded me to look beyond whatever is going around in my head. Thank you again.”
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