Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World!

“Discipleship is Stewardship.”  This is our Stewardship theme for the coming year. Our way of life in Christ–our lives of discipleship–are offered to the world each day in the way we steward our lives and share our gifts.

Our discipleship/stewardship at First Lutheran Church is lived out through the ways we support ministries with our time and resources. It is further offered to the world in the many ways we disciple throughout the week. Our program for 2020 will encourage and stimulate the faithful stewardship of our gifts in all of these ways.

Throughout the year you will hear members of our congregation offer brief stories describing how they live out their faith at church and how they disciple in the world. You will hear examples of God transforming our community through us each day.

Being a disciple and transforming the world has no age limits. Even some of our youngest disciples are eager and willing to tell their stories in the above video about what it means to be a disciple and what they and others (even you!) can do to be a disciple for the sake of the world.

We invite you to disciple with us. We invite you to steward your gifts. On this page you will find a Financial Commitment Card and a Discipleship Plan for 2020.

We also encourage everyone to grow their discipleship/stewardship beyond First Lutheran. We hope the stories of ministry going on every day in our community will inspire us to serve Christ throughout the week.

Discipleship is stewardship. Join us as we faithfully steward our gifts and share our lives for the sake of the world.