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Day 4 of VBS: Do What is Right and Acceptable to God

It’s day four of VBS and our theme verse is “I truly understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to God” (Acts 10:34b-35). We learned about the United States, specifically Washington State and their BackPack Program. We talked about the BackPack Program we have right here in Lincoln. In storytelling we watched a video of the BackPack Program, read Stone Soup and got our passport stamps. In Simulation Station we talked about how hurtful words and actions can be to us. For each hurt, a cut was made in a banana and we had to figure out how to put the banana back together. We talked about scars and God’s love and forgiveness. In snacks we enjoyed baked apples and took a quiz on America’s food…#1 vegetable is potatoes and the most ordered food at McDonalds is a Big Mac. At games we fit ourselves in a hula hoop to show each country’s population, as populations decreased some stepped out of the hoop. Finally, in crafts, we made duct tape pencil holders and bookmarks for school and to give to a friend! The preschool kids made heart cards to give out. We can’t believe it’s day four already! We are looking forward to one more country and a pizza party and magic show tomorrow! A big thanks to all our helpers for making our week go so smoothly.


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