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Family-Friendly Good Friday Worship Walks Kids Through Interactive Activities

Today, our family-friendly Good Friday worship service guided children and adults through the Holy Week timeline. The journey started in the Sanctuary, then moved through six stations in the Sanctuary, Gathering Area and Activity Center, concluding back in the Sanctuary. The photos capture the interactive activities at each station.
Station 1: Maundy Thursday – Kids made a cup and loaf of playdough bread symbolizing Jesus’ last supper. During Communion, Jesus promised to be present, loving, nourishing, and forgiving. Children tore off bread pieces to eat, giving thanks to God for providing Jesus.
Station 2: Maundy Thursday – At his last supper, Jesus humbly washed everyone’s feet, exemplifying service. Children also cleansed each other’s feet, symbolizing baptism’s cleansing and as a reminder to serve others with compassion and kindness just as Jesus did.
Station 3: Good Friday – Jesus wore a crown of thorns and was nailed to a cross. Children touched a wooden cross and crown, ponderering whether the surfaces felt rough or smooth, evoking happy, sad or even fearful emotions. As Jesus’ friends grieved, children expressed their sadness through drawings. The cross symbolizes God’s presence in sorrow. Children received a small cross as a reminder of God’s presence during their times of sadness.
Station 4: Good Friday – After Jesus passed away, his body was wrapped in a special linen cloth and laid in a tomb. Kids heard the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” drawing parallels between the caterpillar’s cocoon and Jesus’ burial. Just as the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly, Jesus was changed through resurrection, like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The children were given butterflies as a reminder of this transformation.
Station 5: Easter Vigil – Sadness loomed as Jesus’ death seemed final. However, three days later, the empty tomb revealed a divine surprise. Children were encouraged to discover hidden messages by painting over pictures, unveiling the joyful declaration, “He is Risen!”
Station 6: Easter Sunday – The children were engaged in making Resurrection Rolls symbolizing different parts of the story. Each roll contained a marshmallow dipped in butter and spices, mirroring Jesus’ anointing and burial preparations. Wrapped in a crescent roll, the marshmallow represented Jesus in the tomb. As the rolls baked, symbolizing the days Jesus spent in the tomb, the story seemed to end.
Yet, during the worship service’s conclusion, children unwrapped their Resurrection Rolls to find the marshmallow missing, signifying Jesus’ resurrection. The sweet taste of the rolls echoed the joy of resurrection!
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