First Lutheran English Language Learning Partners

This ministry began in 2018 at the request of members of First Lutheran who were interested in improving their English literacy skills. Already speakers of several languages, including their first language, Nuer, they were eager to go deeper with English. Two English learning pairs were already meeting weekly at church (Bol Ngok/Trish Flury, Nyamock Teny/Karen Kuhn). Bol and Trish discussed this need with Pastor Justin and a meeting for potential volunteers was planned. Nearly 20 people attended and expressed support. A planning team went to work (Trish Flury, Bol Ngok, Jim Kisling, Kari Eller, Fabi Gondim and Barb Johnson Frank). Faye Doolittle assisted Kari, Fabi and Barb with one-to-one assessments.

English language conversation groups were held on April 8, 15 and 22 from 9:30-10:30 am, led by Barry and Vicki Graham, Shari Sorenson and Kari Eller. In mid-April, English learners requested that planners consider a tutoring approach. A shift was made and eager tutors were easily recruited. Tutor orientation was offered on April 22. On Sunday, April 29, learning partners gathered before beginning their sessions together, offering prayers in Nuer and English and thanking God for this rich opportunity.

Volunteer tutors are still needed  on Sundays from 9:30-10:30 am or to serve as substitutes. Have questions or are interested? Contact Pastor Justin at or Barb Johnson Frank at

Participants as of April 29, 2018:
Sarah Bol, Nyakot Thol Bok, Nyanchar Bukjiok, Sara N. David Chol, Jack Chuol, Martha Deng, Faye Doolittle, Kari Eller, Carlene Falos, Trish Flury, Linda Hinkle, Barb Johnson Frank, Ruach Kang, Jim Kisling, Karen Kuhn, Barb Monson, Karen Mosier, Bol Ngok, Deanne Scheel, Shari Sorenson, Nyamock Teny, Rebecca Tot, Nyabuony Ubeck and Nyakoat Wiw.
In the wings: Anna Furkay, Fabi Gondim, Barry and Vicki Graham, Elaine Kruse, Julius Wleh.

Pictured are:
Nyabuony, Sarah, Sara, Kari, Nyakoat, Nyanchar, Linda, Deanne, Nyakot, Carlene, Nyamock, Martha and Jack. In front: Rebecca, Faye and Karen.

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