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Growing Faith Connections Smack Dab in the Middle of the Commons

By September 18, 2023News

Here’s a sampling of the newest responses on the interactive Community Story Board in the Commons:

What biblical story connects with your own story?

“I relate to the story of Thomas needing to experience Jesus’ resurrection in order to believe. Sometimes I need experiences, too.”  

“We moved so much in the Air Force when we were first married, but I always took and mounted my plaque: ‘But as for me and my house – We will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15.”  

“This is not a ‘story,’ but an explanation of what may be the beginning of my faith journey. It comes from Matthew, Chapter 5, commonly called The Beatitudes. While in a congregation in DeWitt, NE, Pastor Clark Overland (RIP) inspired me to read the Gospels. This remains to be the foundation of my faith.” 

Which responses on the Community Story Board nudge you to think more about your own touchstone Bible story? Did you see your own story reflected in someone else’s? Let that person know that you have a faith experience in common. Take time to ask a question or two to learn more.

Baskets near the display in the Commons hold everything you need to complete your own story card and attach it to the board. What could be more important that hearing one another’s stories? We’re growing together!

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