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Haves or Have Nots

By November 22, 2021Blog
When my husband and father passed away this past year, I grieved what I no longer had in my life. Grief does this to you. It just happens whether you want it to or not. Thoughts of what no longer is or will be hits you like a tidal wave. It can drown you emotionally, mentally and physically.
That is, if you let it.
At some point in the grief process, you have a choice as to whether you will continue drowning or not. It happens when you consciously decide what you will most focus your attention and thoughts on. Turning your mindset to one of “haves”, rather than “have nots”, can make all the difference. It can transform grief into gratitude and make what seems impossible now possible.
Gratitude has been my life jacket these past seven months and has saved me from drowning. It has kept my head above the waves of grief that continue to be an undercurrent in my life.
  • Gratitude allows me to celebrate the life of my husband and father and cherish the memories I have of them.
  • Gratitude opens my eyes to see all the people I still have in my life who care about and love me.
  • Gratitude allows me to accept other’s love, care, compassion and support unconditionally.
  • Gratitude reminds me that material things are meaningless.
  • Gratitude makes me more mindful to live every moment as if it’s my last.
  • Gratitude reminds me to expect sufferings in life with the understanding that good things can still come from them.
  • Gratitude gives me hope for a future and to see the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Gratitude challenges me to take risks and be bold.
  • Gratitude teaches me that being unapologetically myself is the only way to be.
  • Gratitude makes me want to be a better human being – to be more understanding, compassionate, patient, forgiving, loving and accepting.
  • Gratitude gives me a reason to smile and experience joy.
As you approach the Thanksgiving holiday, may you also focus on the “haves” in your life. Let gratitude fill your heart and mind every day so it can be your life saver when things get tough. Be open to the lessons gratitude will teach you along the way – no matter how hard they may be. And know that when you do, gratitude will not only be a life saver for you, but also a life changer.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday from someone whose life has been saved and changed by gratitude!
Kathleen Simley

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