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Leaving Behind Our Worries and Burdens at the Good Friday Service of Stones and Shadows

We gathered silently for last evening’s Good Friday Service of Stones and Shadows, spending time in prayer, silence and song as we reflected on Jesus’ sacrifice and death – a display of God’s profound love for us. As we entered the Sanctuary, we were invited to pick up a stone to hold during worship – feeling its weight and placing our worries and burdens on it as we listened to Jesus’ final words from the cross as recorded in the gospels. The scripture readings guided us through the Shadow of Condemnation, Shadow of Separation, Shadow of Sorrow, Shadow of Despair, Shadow of Suffering and lastly, the Shadow of Death. A candle was extinguished as we traversed through the depths of each shadow. The service concluded with a distant bell tolling seven times, representing Jesus’ seven final words on the cross and his ultimate sacrifice. We left quietly, placing our stones by a lit candle as a symbol of leaving behind our worries and burdens. The stones serve as reminders of our encounter with God on this night and a sign of honor for Jesus as he lays in the tomb until the Easter dawn.



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