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Updated! New COVID Protocol at First Lutheran Church

By July 31, 2021August 4th, 2021News

(Updated as of August 4, 2021)


Case rates in Lancaster County are now above 10/100K and continue to rise. This is nearly quadruple the level three weeks ago and is comparable to early May.

Hospitalizations are also increasing, with current number the highest since February 2021.

Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department has moved its risk dial from Green to Yellow.

The vaccines appear to remain about 88% effective against the virus, even the Delta variant. The corollary is that about 1 in 9 vaccinated persons can catch the virus, and can spread it.

The CDC now recommends that all persons wear masks indoors.

Conclusion: The risk of transmission is increasingp and appears likely to continue to rise.

Recommendations from the First Lutheran COVID Task Force:

Continue to take action to reduce risk of transmission at church events and activities, without closing the church entirely. Specifically:

  • ALL persons attending worship service should wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status, and are encouraged to sing!
  • Strongly urge all persons to wear masks in other gatherings, regardless of vaccine status.
  • Strongly urge all persons who are eligible to get vaccinated, if they aren’t already.
  • Continue for now to serve communion kneeling at the railing, with bread and pouring chalice. Evaluate this week to week.
  • Communicate to all worship helpers our expectation that they will wear masks except when reading scripture, preaching, or presiding at the Table.
  • Make masks available for those who do not have  one.


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