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New “God After Deconstruction” Discussion Group to Meet on Thursdays

Join us for a compelling 5-week discussion group diving into “God After Deconstruction,” a video course crafted by Trip Fuller and Thomas Jay Oord. This course invites us to embrace uncertainty, delve into deep questions and present a hopeful, constructive vision of God through the lens of open and relational theology. We will cover a range of critical topics, including uncertainty, scripture interpretation, the problem of evil, church abuse, Christian nationalism, evolution, matters of sex and gender, religious pluralism, the climate crisis and the quest for purpose. Our discussions aim to foster open dialogue on rebuilding our spiritual beliefs, beginning with what “deconstruction” means. We will choose four distinct topics to discuss every Thursday evening for five weeks, concluding on June 6. The design of this course means that each topic stands alone, allowing participants the flexibility to attend any number of sessions without the need for commitment to the entire series. Sessions will be held at the Villas at Mahoney Park Club House (Sharon Hardel’s residence), located at 8430 Fremont Street. Bring your own beverage and enjoy snacks provided by Sharon. For more details or any inquiries, please reach out to Sharon or Carol Olson.

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