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The Good and Bad of the Pandemic

By November 10, 2021News
During Sunday’s intergenerational gathering, the participants of all ages shared their negatives and positives of living through the pandemic.
Here are some of the negatives that were shared:
* Missed my freshman year.
* Couldn’t eat in restaurants.
* No hugs.
* No interaction.
* My uncle died.
* Lots of good companies went out of business.
* Shortage of food items and essentials in grocery stores.
* Unable to see family, friends and neighbors.
* Wearing masks.
* Missed in-person activities and worship.
* No karate.
* Fear of friends or family getting severly ill.
* Not able to gather with extended family for holidays and special events.
* Kids could not do their normal activities.
* Quarantining.
* Less travel.
* Couldn’t play soccer with friends.
* Divided people.
* People lost loved ones.
Here are the positives:
* Explored more parks and trails by staying outdoors.
* I found out I didn’t miss some of the things I was doing.
* Heard great speakers, attended workshops and classes and other congregations via Zoom.
* Selfless medical personnel.
* Caught up on reading.
* Learned new computer skills.
* Turner Classic Movies!
* More time with my kids.
* Less busy.
* Got to spend more time at home and enjoy our surroundings.
* Fewer meetings at nights.
* Slower pace of life.
* More family time.
* Holidays at home.
* Focused on reading the Bible, prayer and journaling each day.
* Working from home.
* More breaks from school.
* Learned to ride a bike!
What would your negatives and positives be?
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