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Time to Review Our Discipleship Plans for 2019

Almost six months have passed since we challenged each other to commit to a plan of discipleship for 2019. If you completed a discipleship plan for yourself, are you on track with it? Have you taken steps to doing the activities you committed to in the areas of serving, learning, praying and worship? Maybe you have tried some, but not all? Something is better than nothing! Keep moving forward!

Or, maybe you have forgotten what you committed to doing and need a reminder or a kick-start. Well, today is your day! If you completed your plan online you should have received an email copy of it. Take some time today, to find it and review it. Commit to doing at least one thing and make a plan of action on how you will make it happen!

If you completed and turned in a paper version of the discipleship plan and need a copy of it to review, call or email Cyndi in our church office. She would be happy to review your plan with you or get you a copy of it.

What? You didn’t complete a discipleship plan in October? No fear! We’ve got you covered! You can do so TODAY online!

This is also a good time for all of us to review the financial commitments we also made. If you are behind and need to catch up, just hit the “Give” tab in the right hand corner of our website’s homepage and do it online. It’s as simple as that!

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