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Tuesday’s Faith Thought…Sharing Your Gifts for the Good of Others

By September 29, 2020News, Serve, Worship and Pray

God has given you unique abilities, talents and gifts.

What gifts or talents are inside of you?

They may seem ordinary to you, but not to God. He sees your gift of hospitality. He sees your deep compassion. He listens as you create music or string together words with care. He delights that you are good with kids, a dreamer and planner or that you have a natural ability to lead others.

Or, you may think that you don’t have a talent or gift. All of us have things we are good at. Think about what comes really easy for you. Think about what you absolutely enjoy doing. That’s your God-given talent or gift!

Believe it or not, God has given each of us a special talent or gift. He created us uniquely and he gave us talents and gifts to benefit others – not ourselves. And God gave other people gifts that benefit us.

You are the manager of the gifts God has given to you. What are you doing with them? Are you sharing them with others? Are you using what he’s given you as a disciple to help transform the world?

Acknowledge your gifts. Use them for the good of others. They may be great or small in your eyes, but they matter to God and they matter to others.

Here are two “gift” challenges for you in the next week and month:

  • Complete your 2021 Discipleship Plan and Pledge at Discern how you can share your gifts in the coming year for the good of others locally, nationally and globally and then commit to doing it.
  • October’s word of the month for our FaithTrek, middle and high school students is “Gifts.” Join them in acknowledging and celebrating your unique God-given gifts throughout the month.
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