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This is How We Do Confirmation

When the 7th and 8th grade youth, their parents and the other adults participating in Confirmation, gathered for Dinner+Learning a few weeks ago they began unpacking the question, “Who is God?” They started with art and were asked to “draw your understanding of God.” Every drawing was unique.

When they broke into different generations and listed attributes of God, according to every letter of the alphabet, each generational group said, “God is love!”, for the letter, “L”. Together, they all erupted in cheers at this good news!

Grab a piece of paper and something to write with. Write every letter of the alphabet down the left hand side of your paper. List an attribute of God for every letter of the alphabet. Who is God to you?

We all see the diversity of how God is revealed to us personally and communally. In the end, everyone shares who they need God to be for them.

At First Lutheran Church, this is how we do confirmation. This is how disciples learn together!



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