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Why Will Lutherans (and maybe you!) Wear Ashes on Their Foreheads Today?

By February 14, 2024News, Worship and Pray
Ever wondered why Lutheran folks (maybe even you!) proudly wear ashes on their forehead at the start of Lent? Let’s uncover the three reasons behind this tradition.
Ashes symbolize humble repentance since ancient times. Today, we willingly receive them on our forehead, acknowledging our need for salvation as sinners who fail to love God as much as he loves us.
But that’s not all. The ashes also remind us of our mortality—a consequence of God’s condemnation of our sins. They bring us back down to earth, reminding us of the price of sin: death. In a world where we often feel invincible, the ashes humble us, making us realize our mortality.
And here’s the beautiful part: the ashes form a cross. This symbol represents Jesus taking on our humanity, becoming our sin and dying on the cross for us. Through his resurrection, he conquered death and offered us new life. The cross-shaped ashes on our foreheads proudly proclaim that sin and death have been defeated through Christ’s sacrifice.
At First Lutheran, come to the Lord’s Table wearing the cross of Christ. Here, you will receive new life through the body and blood of Jesus and are sent forth into the world to share the incredible news!
You are welcome at First Lutheran Church today at noon (with livestream available) or 6:30 PM to be a part of this meaningful occasion. Let the Lord transform the ashes of your past into a clean heart and a new life in him.
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